Thursday, March 24, 2011

Menard's Crazy Days

I am not sure what paper the Menards flyer came in, it probably was the Tomah one.  Anyway, March 25 to the 27th, there are some Crazy deals going on.  It's even called "Crazy Days Sale".

  • Doors $1.99 after $8 MIR (actual Doors! "we bought one of the largest door distributors in the western US.  Over 70,000 1st quality assorted styles of interior and exterior doors in mixed widths and heights, and 250,000 quality locksets.  Each store has hundreds of doors and a thousand locksets in stock.  Styles and sizes of doors and styles of locksets will vary by locations.  Hurry in for best selection")
  • Locksets 99 cents to $3.99 after $2 MIR
  • 10' Kayak with paddle $189
  • Jack's Pizza 4 for $7
  • Viking Kubb Yard Game $4.99 after $10 MIR
  • Firepits $29.99
  • Shoe storage bench + wall shelf (very nice looking) $59 after $50 MIR
  • All Detergent 32 loads 99 cents after $3 MIR

There are many many more deals.  I couldn't find the brochure online, and I don't think it came in the Winona paper, yet.  So keep a look out!


Menards MIR are for store credit!  They mail you a store credit check, it looks some what like a check you can deposit, but you can't.  Trust me.  I used to be a teller, and folks would ALWAYS try to cash them, but you can't.  So, if you aren't an avid Menards shopper, these may not be your kind of deals.


  1. does the ad have a 42 inch Hitachi led on it for $499??? and if so whats the catch a friend just sent me a pic os the ad to my phone

  2. $499 hitachi LED TV after $200 MIR, limit 1 tv rebate per household. there are 6' HDMI cables for $3.99, and that is a pretty good price on those as well.

  3. thanx Heather! :)