Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Family Dollar

This is my first Family Dollar trip! Let's break it down.
  • Clariol Balsam Color: Regular $3, sale $2.50, used $5 off when you buy 2 from 3-7 PG, final free
  • Reese Dark: Regular 65 cents, sale two for $1, used 2-55 cents off from 3-14 S, they price adjusted down the coupon to 50 cents, there were two when I left the store, but one disappeared on the trip back, final free
  • Snuggle: Regular or maybe sale price of $3 for 70 count sheets, used $3 off from 3-28 RP, final free

Everything was free, but I paid like 88 cents in tax.

The check out process was really strange. There were two cashiers working, one was running the register, the other was just kind of hanging out up front. (there were 3 customers in the whole store, including me.) My checker was very nice, but when I handed her the coupons after she rang everything up, she looked a bit "deer-in-the-headlights". She had to enter each coupon in by scrolling through her screen, locating the item, the manually entering in the amount. So with the buy 2 get $5 off, she had to enter $2.50 by each of the hair dyes. It took a bit of time, but she was really nice about it. The other cashier that was doing nothing got a little snarky at my 55 cents off when the item was only 50 cents. But I got all my free stuff, and I was happy. I have no idea what would happen if they would have to do the stacking a manufacturer coupon with their store coupons.....

Anyone else ever try couponing at Family Dollar? The deals were great, I'd do it again. I was by myself, having Connor with could have made that a nuclear situation.

My Boots

It's not really a "Winona" deal, but still, I'll share. They are my new boots, and I love them. The black/brown ones are Rampage Women's Teenas $14.89, and the yellow are Dr. Martens Nellie Boot for $30.32. On Ebay they go for about $20 and $50, so they were a deal, plus they qualified for free shipping.

A few weeks ago, I was in Rogan shoes, and spoke to the saleswoman, and asked if Dr Martens (AKA, "Docs") were still cool. She said yes, and they are coming out with new and exciting colors. This must be what she was talking about! Back in high school/college, when I had $120 to spend on a pair of shoes, I used to wear Docs. I still have maybe 2 pairs in the basement, the soles NEVER wear out. So look out Winona, Heather has new boots!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ziploc Containers

Hy-vee has a CRAZY deal!!!

Regular price, $3.99, on SUPER sale for 99 cents. Use the $1.50 off 2 from the 3-21S or the 2-21S1. Making them 75 cents a piece. They all have Box-Tops, so cut those babies off and give them to your school. This display is over by the pharmacy, and I'm assuming it's a get-em-while-ya-can deal. So HURRY!

Thanks Kim for the heads up on this one. I bought 12.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Some great game deals - REVISED, pt. 2

I had originally posted some deals at ShopKo, but Kari was right - they do not accept internet coupons at ShopKo. Bummer.

I also added some information about a great Star Wars rebate; However, that is over. (I should have checked the date before linking to it. Sorry.)
- - - - - -
I like to stock up on games when I can get them cheaply and this is a good week to score a few deals.

Target deals:

-Buy Bop It - $14 on sale at Target
-Buy Monopoly Deal card game or Scrabble Slam card game - FREE with any $10 Hasbro game purchase (advertised in weekly Target ad)
-Use the $3 off Select Hasbro games (Battleship, Connect 4×4 or Bop It!) Target coupon from
-Use the $5 off Bop It! manufacturer coupon from
-Final cost only
$6 for the full-sized Bop It! Game *and* a Card Game
- - - - - -
-Buy the mini Bop It (caribiner edition) - $9.99 at Target
-Use the $3 off Select Hasbro games (Battleship, Connect 4×4 or Bop It!) Target coupon from
-Use the $5 off Bop It! manufacturer coupon from
-Final cost only
$1.99 for the mini Bop It - great Easter basket toy!! (I did not have any problem using these coupons for the mini Bop It, although a friend said she experienced some trouble with her cashier. The coupons do not list any exclusions, so to me, that means they should be good for the mini Bop Its.)
- - - - - -
-Buy Sorry Sliders or Elefun or Hungry, Hungry Hippos - $14 on sale at Target
-Buy Monopoly Deal card game or Scrabble Slam card game - FREE with any $10 Hasbro game purchase (advertised in weekly Target ad)
-Use the $4 or $5 off manufacturer coupon from
-Final cost only
$9 or $10 for these games *and* a Card Game
- - - - -
-Buy $20 worth of Star Wars items (selected items on sale at Target)
-Final cost: $15 for $20 worth of sale-priced items

Wal-Mart deals:

-Buy a Connect Four, Battleship, or Hungry, Hungry Hippos Travel-Sized game - on sale for $5 at ShopKo
-Use the $4 off manufacturer coupon for each game from (these coupons don't exclude the travel-sized versions, so they should work)
-Final cost only
$1 for each of these games - great for Easter baskets!

- - - - - -
Happy Shopping!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Target Deals

  • Kettle Chips, regular $3.19, sale $2.50, used $1 off 2 from 3/21 S, final $2 a piece
  • Arm & Hammer trial toothpaste 97 cents, used $2.50 off 2 from 3/21 S, profit of 56 cents when buying 2
  • St Ives Trial Face 97 cents, $1.50 off from 3-21S, 53 cent profit
  • St. Ives Trial Body wash 97 cents, $1 off from 3-21S, 3 cents profit
  • Circo Pants, $6, clearance for $1.50
  • The Green Tote (with locking lid), $8.99, clearance $7.64
  • Rimmel Nail Polish (it's hiding under the pants), $3.89, $2 off Target from Woman's Day mag, $1 from 3/14 RP, 89 cents
In the boys bedroom storage area, there was a wood table and chairs set clearance down from $60 for $15. I already have one, but it would be a great deal for someone who doesn't have one!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


How do you get your inserts?

I buy the Star Tribune, usually one or two copies, depending on what the coupons are. Now that the Dollar Tree doesn't sell them, I've been picking them up at Kwik Trip. Put them on my Kwik Trip card, save 10 percent, so they are $1.80 a piece. Also, I like to sneak inserts from places. Like, the YMCA, Culver's or even Fantastic Sams. Those places usually have the Winona Daily News, so the inserts aren't as good, but whatever. Today, we were at McDonald's, and I was going to sneak the inserts out of the paper, and this lady beat me to it! She was actually in the fun center area with her scissors and binder, clipping away! I had to sneak a picture of her. I admire her dedication and tactics.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Info on KMart double couponing

This is from the Hip2Save website:

Here is all the nitty gritty that you need to know prior to your Kmart shopping trip:

  • You can use manufacturer coupons up to and including a $2 value (i.e. if you have a $2/1 coupon, it will be doubled up to $2 for a total of $4 off the price of the item)
  • You must be a member of the Shop Your Way Rewards program AND the cashier MUST swipe your reward’s card at the beginning of your transaction!!*
  • Does not include Kmart Store Coupons or Kmart Pharmacy Store Coupons (i.e. Kmart coupons will NOT be doubled)
  • Limit 5 total coupons per customer per day.
  • If you are using more than 5 coupons in your transaction, ONLY the first 5 coupons will be doubled.

*If you are not currently a Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards card member, do NOT stress! There are 3 simple ways to become a member:

  1. Go to the Customer Service Dept at your local Kmart or Sears store and request a card; you will be able to sign up and receive your card immediately (this is obviously the best option if you have a store close by)!
  2. Call the Shop Your Way Rewards Card dept at 1.800.991.8708; they will take all your information over the phone and then a card will be mailed to you (the card typically takes 6-8 weeks to arrive). Even if you do not have the physical card in hand for the double coupon days, you can give the cashier your phone # or member # in order to pull up your reward’s account.
  3. Click here to sign up on-line; then just print off a temporary card to use while you wait for the permanent card to arrive in the mail.


I'm sure this deal is "as quantities last". But the Chinet comfort cups for $1.99, $1.24 after the 75 cent coupon in 1-31 S, get the 2 pound bag of coffee FREE. Also, 2 liter Coke products are 69 cents a piece, strict limit 2. After my 10 cent bag reduction, my total came to $2.61.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Couponin' by Tina

Couponing Craziness!!

I have been super-couponing lately. And I love it!! Let me share with you some of my deals:

  • Huggies diapers: on sale for $8.50 each, minus $1.50 Target coupon, minus $2 manufacturer's coupon = $5 each
  • Up&Up baby wash: on sale for $1, minus $.50 Target coup = $.50 final price, PLUS the wash had a $.75 off coupon for Up&Up wipes, which I needed, so it was pretty much FREE plus another $.25 off the wipes
  • Johnson's Buddies bars of soap for kids: $.97 each, minus $1 manufacturer's coupon = FREE
  • Connect 4 game: marked down to $10.09, minus $4 Hasbro coupon, minus $3 Target coupon = $3.09 final price (a birthday present for Luke!)
  • Kid's Crest toothpaste: on sale for $1.49, minus $1 Target coupon, minus $.75 manufacturer's coupon = FREE and then some (they gave me the overage, which isn't a common occurrence)

  • Colgate Sensitive toothpaste: on sale for $3.99, minus $1 manufacturer's coup = I paid $2.99 + tax, BUT I got a "Register Reward" for $4 off my next purchase, which I immediately used in my next transaction!
  • SpiderMan toothbrush: normally $2.99, on clearance for $.75 - bought it for Luke's Easter basket figuring that the $1 coup I used on the Colgate made it pretty much free
  • Reese's Dark PB Cups: on sale for $.49 - I tried to use a $.75 off coup (hoping for overage), but the cashier said I couldn't get it for free, but that he'd give it to me for $.01 (weird) BUT he gave me back my manufacturer's coupon, which I promptly took to WalMart (see below) = $.01 for the candy bar

  • Reese's Dark PB Cups: $.55, minus aforementioned $.75 coupon (adjusted down to $.55) = FREE
  • Hungy, Hungry Hippos travel sized game: $5.24, minus $4 Hasbro coupon = $1.24 (Luke's Easter basket!)
  • Colgate Whitening: $1, minus $1 coupon = FREE
  • Reach Floss: $.97, less $1 coupon = FREE, plus $.03 overage
  • Suave antiperspirant: $.97, less $.50 coupon = $.49

Wowza!!! And I have some more great couponing stories to share!!

Walgreens By Tina

Walgreens GREAT buy tonight

Okay, I took the little one and headed to Wags tonight. Couponing at Walgreens makes me a little nervous because, well, I am slightly intimidated by their cashiers as they sometimes give ya grief about the coupons. I took Benn on purpose because I hoped that having the sweetest, cutest little boy in my cart smiling, saying hello and waving to the cashiers would make them nicer to deal with! My evil plan must have worked as tonight was a good night for couponing! I had no problems scoring this terrific, totally legitimate deal: all the items pictured below cost me a total of $1.45 + tax!!!

Oscar Mayer bacon: normally $3.99 each, on sale Buy1Get1Free, used 2 coupons for $1.50 off = $.495 each
OreIda fries: on sale for $.99 each, used a coupon for $1.50 off two = $.24 each
Planters Trail mix: on sale for $1.99 each, used 2 coups for $1.50 off, used another WalGreens coupon for $.50 off each = FREE + $.02 overage
GRAND TOTAL = $1.45 + tax

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Target Deals

  • Size 5T Carter's set of 2 long sleeve, long pants PJ's, regular $15, clearance for $7.49
  • TGIFriday skillet meal, normal $7.19, sale $6, $2 coupon 2-21 S1, final $4
  • Huggie Pull-ups, $15.99, clearance $13.25, $1.50 coupon 2-28S, final $11.75
  • Gillette Body Wash $1.79, used $4 off 2 from 2-21 PG, nice cashier, 42 cents overage
  • Blueberry Pie for Pi Day, priceless

Monday, March 8, 2010

Today's Mail

Just check out what came in the mail today, besides the cable bill!

  • Free Nabisco Product. I had got my free double stuf oreos for being a facebook fan, but they were all broken, so I emailed the company and they sent me a coupon for another one - I ate the broken ones, and they were delicious just the same.
  • Free 6 pound bag of Rachael Ray dog food. This came with a little sample pack. I think I requested the sample from Walmart Samples.
  • Free Heluva Good! product. For becoming a facebook fan.
  • $50 Express Gift Card for doing surveys on E-rewards.
There are a lot of free products and samples out there. Just keep in mind, there are a lot of scams as well! I was skeptical of E-rewards, but look, there is my gift card!

Also, I have found if you love a product and email the company, they'll send you coupons. So let companies know when they are doing a good job, as well as when you aren't totally satisfied. Companies want your feedback.

Target Deals

  • All 100 oz, $8.99, sale $7.99, $1 2-7 RP, $6.99, bought 2, got $5 back, making them $4.49 each
  • Gillette Body Wash $1.79 (hanging on the end of the men's wash aisle near the main aisle), $4 off 2 from 2-21 PG, cashier adjust coupon down to $3.58, free
  • Toaster Strudel $1.99 (Hy-vee price is $2.79), buy 3 get 1 free, used $1 off 2 coupon from a mailer, used 55 cents off 2 from 3-7S, there are higher value prints out there - but I don't print, final price $1.11 a piece
  • Wheat thins sale $1.99, used $1 off 1-24 SS, 99 cents final
  • Starburst sale $2.49, $1 off 3-7 when you buy 2, $1.99 a piece
  • Soap Buddies, 97 cents $1 off 3-7, got the 3 cent overage
  • Prescription (not pictured) $2.51, received a $10 gift card from coupon in Target's insert in Winona Daily News. Brings my total to $60 I've gotten in gift cards from getting various prescriptions filled at Target.
NOTES: Is it always the same 2 checkers working during the morning? They seem to have a beef with me. AND, why was one coupon adjusted down, and the other not. I don't care if they adjust it, I mean, Free is Free. But, I'd like some consistency. SIGH.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Target Deals

Nothing exciting, but I'll share anyways.

  • Hello Kitty Band-Aids, $1.19, used $1 R1 1-3, 19 cents. (normally, I only want to pay FREE for these, and there are 97 cent ones, but I needed some Hello Kitty in my life)
  • Activia normally $1.99, sale, $1.79, used $1 off 1-10 or 2-7 or 2-28 S, 79 cents.
  • Turkey Pepperoni, $3.79, used 55 cents off 1-24s, $3.24
  • Dove Men Stuff with bonus (on end cap), $3.99, $1 Target coupon from a magazine, $1.75 coupon from mailer, $1.24