Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Target Deals

  • Crystal Light: $2.39, on sale for $1.97, used $2 off coupon from Vocalpoint that came in the mail today. Cashier adjusted coupon down, so it was free, no overage.
  • Pepsi 12-packs on sale for $1.99 a piece
  • Schick Hydra Razor: $7.99, used $4 off Target coupon from 6/20S and stacked $5 off coupon from 6/13S, making it $1.01.
  • I also used 2 canvas bags, taking another ten cents off.
So, if you are doing the Razor deal, make sure and have an extra $1.01 worth of fun stuff!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hy-vee Incredible $1 Sale

It's as good as the hype. Here is a breakdown:
Hormel Always Tender Port Spare Ribs, $1 a pound. I got a huge one for about $4.50. Use the $1 off Hormel Always Tender from 5-2S
Wonder Bread Products $1
Hy-vee Shred Cheese $1 a bag, parm $1.67 - Limit 5
Pepsi, Coke or 7 up 2 liters $1
Little Debbie $1
Popsicle or Fudgsicle $1
Hy-vee Brand Cereals $1 (select ones, I got Rice Crispies and Honey Nut Tastee-os)
French Bread $1
Skippy Peanut Butter $1 Limit 2
Dozen eggs, 2 for $1, only got one and it was 50 cents, limit 2
Dole classic Salad or Coleslaw 2 for $1
Midwest County Fare Paper Towels 3 for $1
M&M/Mars brand candy 3 for $1
Glazed Donuts 3 for $1

The limits on cheese and peanut butter and eggs are strictly enforced, so you may have to make multiple trips, and bring a buddy. This sale is today and the 25th only, so HURRY. They do sell out, but Hy-vee is good about getting rain checks.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Get a free ticket to the new Karate Kid movie playing now

If you plan on seeing the new Karate Kid movie (playing now at the Winona 7), here is a deal for you:

At Target, the Hook DVDs have stickers attached for free admission to the new Karate Kid movie. (Rumor has it that the Jumanji DVDs have these stickers, too, but I did not see any.)

Just buy a DVD for $5.00, go online to enter the special code, and print out a certificate for a free admission (up to $10). I checked online and our Winona 7 participates in this "e-Movie Cash" program.

So you get a Hook DVD and admission to the movie for only $5, whereas a normal child's admission at the Winona 7 is $5.75, matinees are $6.25, and regular showings are $8.

Cool deal.