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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kmart Doubles

  • Natures Source $2.99, $1 off coupon, doubled. Paid 99 cents. Received a $2 RR, and will get $5 mail in rebate for buying three. Made $4.03.
  • 409 on sale $2.50, $1 coupon, doubled, 50 cents
  • Magic Erasers $3.99, $1 coupon doubled, $1.99
  • Pringles on sale $1.50, $1 coupon wyb 2, doubled, $1 piece
  • Listerine $4.29, $2 coupon, doubled, 29 cents
  • Pop-tarts $2.49, $1 coupon, doubled, 49 cents

Monday, September 28, 2009

Walgreen Freebie's

I thought it may be fun to share pictures of coupon findings! Anyone have any they want to share? I love looking at pictures of this stuff.
Here I have Connor checking out my Walgreen freebies.
  • 1 Gillette Fusion Razor, on sale for $8.99, used a $4 coupon (9/27 RP), and got a $6RR. $1 profit
  • Herbal Essences conditioner, on sale for $2.99, used $1 coupon (9/13 RP or 8/23 RP), got a $2 RR. Free.
  • Vaseline Lotion, $6.99, received $7 RR. Free
  • Chapstick Effects, $2.99 received a $3 RR. Free
  • Halls Refresh, on sale for $1, used 75 cent coupon (9/27 SS) received $1 RR.
  • Oral B toothbrush, on sale for $3, used 75 coupon (9/27 PG), received a $3 RR. Profit 75 cents.

Of course there is sales tax on all of that.

I know there are PLENTY of other blogs out there with this exact info, but isn't it fun to see Connor checking out the merchandise? Send me any pictures you have of your finds!

On side notes, on Sunday the Oral-B RR wasn't printing, so the manager gave me a $3 giftcard. Today, the razor $6 RR wasn't printing, so he gave me a gift card for that. Upon closer inspection, I was only suppose to get the $6 RR if I bought the "MVP" razor, so technically I wasn't suppose to get this. Oops.