Thursday, March 3, 2011


Anyone else use Groupon? I have bought a few little things, like 3 for $1 Redbox rentals in the past. Recently I bought a weekend subscription to the Star Tribune for $12. And never received it. Even though I know some other Winona folks did. I contacted Groupon, and they went to work for me. They kept contacting Star Tribune on my behalf, and after a week, they got no where, and refunded me my $12. BUT, they kept working to get a hold of Star Tribune. And when they finally did, they were able to get me my subscription, FOR FREE. They worked so hard, and emailed me all the time with updates of how it was going. I am really impressed with the high level of personal service, and am seriously recommending them to everyone.

Unfortunately, the closest site is MSP, so most of the deals don't apply to us. But I keep my eyes pealed for it. Looking to join, feel free to click through my link and get me a $10 credit.


  1. One time, I bought a groupon for Picaboo and then changed my mind. Because I called within 1 month of purchasing the groupon, they refunded my money and they were NOT crabby about it. I was impressed.

  2. My paper showed up yesterday!