Monday, February 15, 2010

Miley Cyrus

How cute? The butterfly wraps all the way around the side. $1, Wal-mart, on a clearance rack. My sister liked it so much, she had me go back and get her one as well. Silly side note, my brother-in-law wears a ton of Hurley brand shirts. They have a lot of black and white graphic designs on them. Connor kept asking if this shirt was for Uncle Aaron. Hahaha.

It is Miley Cyrus brand.....but says nothing about her on it anywhere. I do hate supporting her though. Makes me glad I only have a son, and no daughters! She isn't exactly what I would call role-model material. Stepping down from the soap box...

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today was an annoying Target trip. Seriously guys. Let's break it down.
  • Stacy's Pita Chips: $3, had a FREE coupon from becoming a Facebook Fan
  • Dove Travel Hairspray: 97 cents, had a $1.50 coupon off, and the cashier adjusted it down to 97 cents. And was snippy about it.
  • Boca Burgers: $3.14, had a FREE coupon from Houseparty
  • Target Bags: $2 something each, had a $1 off purchase of $3 UP product coupon from a magazine
  • Iams Cat Food: $7.49, $5 off coupon
  • Mango the Chihuahua, priceless

I tried to buy 5 Quaker singles to get the $5 Gift Card. But the gift card didn't print, and they told me it wasn't on the singles, even though there was a sign directly in front of it. That is really frustrating to me as a shopper when junk like that happens. I am not an idiot, I can read a sign. They offered to go back with me to look at it together....right....with screaming Connor already mad at life. I may be taking a break from Target. Does anyone else ever get frustrated with this kind of stuff? I just makes it hard to coupon when they change the rules.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hy-vee Red Hot Weekend

I was shopping this morning at Hy-vee, and came across this: Hy-vee Red Hot Weekend deal. 19 cent Dannon Yogurt, 9 cents after the $1 off when you buy 10 from 1-3S1. Run, don't walk. They are going fast.

Side Question, has anyone seen this kind of deal before? Is it just in cahoots with with their heart disease awareness? What is going on?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Target Deals

  • Rolaids 3 pack: $1.32, used $4 off 2 from 1-3 R1, total for 4: profit of $2.72
  • Suave trial (1.4 oz) deoderant: 97 cents, 75 cents off 1-31 RP, cost 22 cents
  • Degree trial size: 97 cents, 75 cents off 1-31 RP, cost 22 cents
  • Johnson and Johnson Soap Buddies: 97 cents, $1 off 1-3 R1, profit of 3 cents
  • Gatorade G2: sale 97 cents, 50 cents off 1-10 RP, cost 47 cents
  • Up & Up Toliet Paper: $6.29 regular, $5.99 sale, $1 off any UP product from a magazine (maybe Oprah), cost $4.99
  • Shirt and Pants set clearance $4
  • Pepsi 2 lt products $1
my total came to about $12.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wal-mart Deals

I am just lovin' all the Wal-mart deals I have been finding. It's all the way across town for me, so I don't get out there often, but I will be trying for more with these deals.
  • Activia 4-Pack: $2, $1 coupon 1-10S, $1 final
  • Yoplait Yo-Plus 4 pack: $2, $1 coupon 1-3GM, $1 final
  • Campbells 4 pack chicken noodle: $2, 40 cents 1-3 S2, $1.60 final (I had two coupons, but only 1 would go through, and I am sick and tired, and didn't fight with the woman, and $2 for 4 cans of soup is a good deal anyway, so YMMV)
  • Day old bread: $3 marked down to $1.80
  • Wanchai Ferry: $6 (it's nearly $9 at Hy-vee!!), $1.50 1-17S, $4.50
  • Mater's Tall Tales: $6.97 (no deals, no coupons, just sick Connor wanting a new book, so much for the no-more-buying-connor-things-when-he-is-with-me)