Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Anyone else all confused about Hy-vee? Their last ad was good for 2 weeks, but now there is another ad on top of that. Check your Post. Nothing screaming to me in the glossy ad. But, in the actual print portion of the Post, there is something about a weekend sale to benefit JDRF. Some good stuff there:
  • 9" Tombstone Pizzas 5/$10
  • Coke 2 liters 88 cents
  • South Beach bars, boxes 3/$5
  • $1 Rootbeer floats from 4-7p Friday, 10a-6p Saturday, 11a-6p Sunday

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Did you get your Hy-vee Flyer in the Post today? Are you as jazzed as I am?
  • Betty Crocker Brownie Mix: HV coupon for 49 cents each, combine it with 75 cents off 2 from 5-30GM
  • General Mills Cereal 3 for $5, coupons for $1 off 2 ect from 6-6 S
  • Lipton 12 ct Bottle Tea: HV coupon 2 for $8
  • Keebler Crackers: Sale $1.88, $1 off 2 from 6-6RP, $1.38
  • KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce: HV coupon for 99 cents
  • HV 5# Flour: HV coupon for 99 cents
  • 2# Strawberries for $2.88
  • 1pt Bluberries 88 cents with HV coupon
  • Peaches & Nectarines $1.28 a pound
  • Hormel Always Tender Pork Loin $1.99 pound
  • Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad: 79 cents w/HV coupon, 50 cents off 2 from 6-6S
Prices good from July 14 to the 27th. It's a big 2 week event. Roses 2 for $1, men, keep this in mind. A single rose (or 2) goes a long ways.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hy-vee 2-Day Sale

Deals good at Hy-vee July 8th and 9th
  • $5 All you care to eat Chinese, Pizza or Salad Bar
  • 7-Up 6 pack Bottles (16.9 oz) 6 for $10
  • Gatorade 8 pack (20 oz) for $3.99
  • Choco Chip Cookies dozen for $1.99
  • 4 pounds of strawberries for $3.99
  • 15% off all meat, but really, this isn't that great of a deal. They go on sale much better than that, but if you are picky about your cuts, maybe this is good for you!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Target has half off their black dot Dollar/$2.50 Spot stuff. Lots of fun summery stuff for 50 cents to $1.25. I picked up a shark clothes hamper that I will re-purpose and a Cars book for 50 cents. There are tons of beachy things and 4th of July stuff. Good fun stuff, just didn't have time to rummage. Also, the patio furniture stuff is 75% off. So, hurry!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Wednesday Kid's Movies

Winona 7 Theatre's Children's Entertainment Club is back again this summer.

Every Wednesday for six weeks, beginning on June 30, a different children's movie is shown at 10am and tickets are only $2.00! Here are the movie's playing this summer.

7/7 - Spy Next Door
7/14 - Planet 51
7/21 - Indian in the Cupboard
7/28 - Astro Boy
8/4 - Hotel for Dogs

Doors will open every Wednesday at 9:30am, movie starts at 10am. There are no previews on the movies, so the feature will begin exactly at 10am.

Kmart Doubles

Looks like Winona is included in the doubling! Anyone heard anything???

Well, it looks like select Kmart locations are at it again with another round of Super Doubles starting, 7/4 and running thru 7/10! If you’re new around here, Kmart super doubles means that you’ll be able to double coupons up to a $2 value– which means you could get a total of $4 off one product! It appears this time they’re just doubling Health & Beauty products (not grocery items) and only allowing up to 5 coupons to be doubled per customer, per day. Head on over here to check out some of the details as well as a list of all the participating stores– there are lots of stores participating this time!

I’m assuming the rules will be the same as they have been during previous doubles promotions. If that’s the case, then I would assume most of the rules below are correct. Let us know if you find out anything different.

Kmart Double Coupon “Rules”:

*You can use manufacturer coupons up to and including a $2 value (i.e. if you have a $2/1 coupon, it will be doubled up to $2 for a total of $4 off the price of the item)

*You must be a member of the Shop Your Way Rewards program AND the cashier MUST swipe your reward’s card at the beginning of your transaction!!*

*Limit 5 total coupons per customer per day.

*If you are using more than 5 coupons in your transaction, ONLY the first 5 coupons will be doubled.

*Does not include Kmart Store Coupons or Kmart Pharmacy Store Coupons (i.e. Kmart coupons will NOT be doubled)

*If you are not currently a Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards card member, do NOT stress! There are 3 simple ways to become a member:

1. Go to the Customer Service Dept at your local Kmart or Sears store and request a card; you will be able to sign up and receive your card immediately (this is obviously the best option if you have a store close by)!

2. Call the Shop Your Way Rewards Card dept at 1.800.991.8708; they will take all your information over the phone and then a card will be mailed to you (the card typically takes 6-8 weeks to arrive). Even if you do not have the physical card in hand for the double coupon days, you can give the cashier your phone # or member # in order to pull up your reward’s account.

3. Click here to sign up on-line; then just print off a temporary card to use while you wait for the permanent card to arrive in the mail.