Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Maybe it's mean of me to do this, but really....the picture speaks for itself. Every time I go to KFC, which is once in a blue moon, I feel oppressed by them. There are a half dozen signs that say things like "no children on the counter", "don't lean on the window", "don't touch the glass", "no extra napkins", "no Checks ever EVER EVER!" This one against coupons just puts them over the top.

And, this is a Winona thing. The Eau Claire KFC will give you all the napkins and refills you want. And they don't care if you set your kid on the counter so they can see the fryers better!


  1. Sounds like the owners are a little burnt out!

    Bummer to hear about the coupons. Jakob's preschool is selling candy bars for a fundraiser, and each wrapper has a KFC coupon. Never mind those coupons, I guess.

  2. Ha, Kari, I was just thinking that. Here I'm using that coupon as a "perk" to the people buying them, oops. Natalie

  3. We get the Tomah paper, and there are always good glossy coupons for KFC. I would totally use them, dang you Winona KFC! Maybe I'll write a letter.